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Khalid Nehar Al Shamry Trading Est. is a renowned company, established in 2000. We are a leading supply chain management company, offering premium welding equipment, fire blankets, metalworking tools, and more under popular brands like KASWELD, SANPRO, and others.

Our well-functional infrastructural unit and dedicated professionals enable us to provide top-quality products at competitive rates, delivering within promised timelines. We prioritize growth through continuous training and industry expertise, ensuring our success in the market.

Crafting Strong Foundations: Your Steel Construction Partner - Kasweld

Welcome to the world of building with steel, where strength, precision, and creativity come together to construct remarkable structures that last. At Kasweld, we're not just a manufacturer; we're your trusted companion in turning architectural dreams into reality using steel. With a presence in China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, Kasweld stands by your side as you embark on your steel construction journey.

Building with Care

Creating structures with steel is both a science and an art, and at Kasweld, we've mastered this blend. Our skilled experts bring years of experience and modern technology to craft steel pieces that become the heart of remarkable buildings, bridges, and more. Whether it's a complex design or a massive framework, we shape steel into pieces that inspire.

Strong and Reliable

In steel construction, strength matters, and quality is our promise. Each beam, column, and connection leaving our facilities undergoes careful testing to ensure it meets and even surpasses industry standards. At Kasweld, we're not just making steel components; we're creating trust that our products will support structures for years to come.

Local Touch, Global Impact

Our influence goes beyond borders, reaching China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. By collaborating closely with local communities, architects, and builders, we understand what each region needs. This approach allows us to provide tailored solutions and contribute to the unique architectural landscapes of these countries.

Creating Tomorrow's Solutions Today

Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do. We invest in research and development to push the boundaries of steel construction through modern techniques and sustainable practices. Our commitment to innovation not only makes structures stronger but also considers the environment, aligning with the changing needs of our world.

Our Range of Solutions

Explore our range of steel construction solutions that cater to different architectural visions:

Strong Frameworks: Our beams and columns are engineered for strength and endurance, forming the backbone of your projects.

Beautiful Exteriors: Elevate the look and function of your buildings with our carefully designed facade elements.

Safe Passages: Ensure safe and efficient travel with our bridge components that bring design and functionality together.

Your Unique Vision: Bring your custom designs to life with our fabrications, turning your architectural ideas into reality.

Your Partner in Building Dreams

Choosing Kasweld means choosing excellence that matches your architectural dreams. Whether you're an architect, a construction professional, or a developer with a vision, our expertise in steel construction elevates your projects beyond what you thought possible.

Our Mission

Revolutionizing: Our Mission

We aim to be top provider of premium welding products. We aim to lead the industry in innovation, reliability, and excellence.

Our Vision

Driving Excellence: Our Vision

To provide top-tier products with efficiency and value. We empower industries for a better future with competitive pricing and exceptional service.

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